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Donation Information for any of our trips: 

 To make a donation: Just Click on the Yellow Donation Link Below

You can use a Credit Card to make your donation. You do not need a PayPal Account to make a donation.  Thank you ! 

We are hoping you will make a  $25.00 Donation today!   12.50 per person

Donations will help pay for:


We bring all kinds of extra's to Hedonism II for all our WickedWildcats to Enjoy!  Below are listed a few things of what your donation money goes toward. 


We assure you - We spend more than we receive in donations


 Beach Bags


 WickedWildcats Door Sign Personalized with your Name


 Adult Toys: For Prize Give A Ways


  Washable Tattoos


 Body Paint


 G dazzles for the G or V Dazzling!   100s of g'dazzles beads to decorate your vjj and other parts


Other Costs:

Cost to run the Web Site

Cost for Web Hosting

Phone calls to Jamaica


Banners and Signs  - 

Extra Baggage Costs to get all of the goodies to Jamaica, like Prizes and Give A Ways.  



  Rick and Suzie, The WickedWildcats Group

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